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New To The Gathering?

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Whether you stumbled on our website, or you have recently visited one of our services or house churches, our hope is that you would connect more deeply with God and with our Gathering family. We invite you to browse around this website and find out more, or plug in to one of the ways to connect below.


Getting To Know Us Better


1. Read Our Story and find out how we began and why we exist as a community.


2.  Visit Our Sunday Evening Service. We love to have visitors to our Sunday evening community called "Firestarters".  To get more details, click HERE.

3. Visit One Of Our House Churches.  The Gathering has a rich tradition of house churches where we become "family" together.  For more information on House Churches, click HERE.

4. Connect With One Of Our Pastors.  We would love to answer your questions or meet with you and see how we might be able to serve you and your family.  To contact one of our pastors, go to the contact page by clicking HERE.

5. Visit Our Live Stream... We stream our Sunday evening service live.  To view the stream, or view a past recording, click HERE.

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